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Novel Offshore Advanced Hull system (NOAHs)

AME2 design with patent pending closed containment floating fish farming using the ECO System of the proven Offshore & Marine Technology, Aquaculture RAS and renewable energy technologies.  The Novel Offshore Advance Hull system (NOAHs) to hold the fish tank(s), allowing the influent sea water and effluent water to be filtered & sterilized using ozonation. ECO-ARK®is the future of farming with zero waste discharge.  The BiPVin-roof has integrated solar paneled modules and ability to incorporate wind, current and wave energy.

The ECO-ARK® floating fish farming system is most cost-effective and a genuine sustainable solution.  It is unaffected by natural calamities of algae bloom and man-made maritime pollutions.  With automated feeding, mechanical handling of the fish, internet of things, we not only achieve low labourutilization, low foot-print with higher production yield.

ECO-ARK® is:-

  1. A:  Advanced – Highly productive.  Improved feeding handing, monitoring and harvesting systems with integrated automation.
  2. M: Mobile – Movable and scalable farming system that can adapt to each its surroundings and avoid algae and plankton blooms.
  3. E:  Energy saving – Green-marked design by harnessing green renewable energy, low freeboard to ensure low energy for suction of inlet water, using gravity for self-discharge through siphonicaction.
  4. E:  Environmentally safe – creating a controlled environment for fish welfare; above all respecting mother nature with zero waste discharge.

Above all higher productive index over the same sea acreage.