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About Us

Nature Resources Aquaculture Pte Ltd (NRA) is a company operating in the aquaculture space.  We are a social impact company committed to providing innovative technology to farm food fish to the masses in an eco-friendly and socially responsible manner, while meeting the financial expectations of our stakeholders.

We are the global master distributor for AME2 Pte. Ltd., the owner of the patent-pending Eco-Ark® and Lift-Doc® technology with various applications, and a solution provider serving the offshore and marine industries.  The state-of-the-art Eco-Ark® employ disruptive technologies that surpass current methods used in the open sea aquaculture industry.  Our Eco-Ark®, come in variety of shapes, type of material for hull, sizes and designs.  Eco-Ark® forms the base unit of several innovative inventions that will radically transform the way fish is farmed in the open sea.

At the heart of Eco-Ark® is a closed-containment system with a well-designed flow through technology.  This floating fish farm is housed on our Novel Offshore Advanced Hull System (NOAHs) as the supporting structure.   The NOAHs is a low energy cost-effective and sustainable transformational hull with various cultivation tanks specially designed to receive and discharge water from Eco-Ark®.  This innovative system has many advantages over open net farming and land-based multi-tiered aquaculture.  It allows adjustable and controlled flow through depending on the species of fish grow-out and the external condition of the sea-water.  Above all it can be towed away easily during the longer duration of emergency states of harmful algae bloom and / or impact of maritime pollution.

The filtration sterilisation treatment of influent water is another key feature; the clean filtered and Ozone / UV sterilised inlet, together with high dissolved oxygen water in culture tanks equate to minimal mortality from bacterial and viral diseases.  In closed containment there is no fish escape.  Both these means higher production yield and lower cost per kilogram production of fish over the yield of the current net-cage system within a much smaller sea acreage.  Thus a much lower energy cost over the land-based RAS aquaculture.

This innovative concept achieves a higher productivity index and fish production yield ratio as it utilises smaller sea space.  The eight innovative models with steel and concrete hull of Eco-Ark® Floating Fish Farm had received approval-in-principle by one of the leading classification societies in the world, Bureau Veritas (BV).  On and above this design, we have the round-shaped design Eco-Ark®,  customized for deployment in different harsh open sea environments and into deeper open sea.

Our design philosophy and vision for this invention is to be ecologically-friendly and achieve long-term sustainable farming using the 3Rs – reducing the use of fossil fuel for energy, re-using scrap materials for construction and recycling waste from fish production.  In so doing, we aim to protect the blue ocean using sustainable natural resource management.  This is made possible with Eco-Ark® innovative closed-containment technology.

In Nature Resources, our vision is to always develop technology that is sustainable to produce quality food to feed the masses and at the same time to populate our farm and re-populate the ocean with healthy fish.


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